"BUC"  Sale: 


  • 9mrd. generated.
  • 4.5mrd. presale discount-sale.

For every presale coin sold, we give 1% in coins as donation to organizations that do the right with it. CADUS, ZfP, ...
For marketing, as bonus actions & honors, we will give-coins-a-way too.
For investors, the presale price is in memory of Douglas Adams "DON`T PANIC
.42cents". (0.42cent).
Investors can buy the special BuschCoinFortuneMedall as Investors Edition.
Investors get a invitation to a closed alpha version to try and game and give some words to the production.
Investors also get a special card set on top of the normal card sets by the game startUp.
Investors for more as  100.000.000 coins can get a invite for a small day & evening event together with the team.
Investors for more as  500.000.000 coins can get* her face or name or logo as backside on the game cards for 2.000.000 Cards.
  *Our art director decide.
Investors for more as coins can get her OWN GAME CARD in the Game.
As Historicals & Legenderys for lifetime, as an legendery hero collecor card investor for the game. 


Coins Burn / Reserve 50% / 50%.      
Open  Sale: `42 Starts: 1.01.2020 Till: 31.01.2020  0.42 Cent  


You can get BuschCoins on your prefered place.
If thy not offer BuschCoins, mail or chat to them and ask why?!?
Or get BUC direct
here if you have www.Metamask.io...
More helpful links, info and places to trade *BUC:







The internet is a big wide and deep jungle!
For an normal user, non tech freak it is not so easy to handle.

As a Buschmann, a man who guide other in unknow terrain,
will find and create some ways for you by the way..
If you have any questions, Don`t Panic 42, contact us and we try to help.
Ways to get your BuschCoins BUC fast secure and easy.



Short words for beginner:

In the ethernet it is the world of ethereum ether.
Ether ETH also named "GAS". 
With GAS you can run your transfers same as by a bank for your transfers you use €/$...
But it is much cheaper as by a bank. And you can set a bit your own price for the transfers.
This means if you need your transfer fast proofed and veryfied, it cost a pinch more as if you say it can run some minits.
Is this cool?

I say "YES it IS" !

With ETH / GAS you also BUY BuschCoins or other coins/tokens/collectibles.

just fill it with ETH on maximum, and setup an account OR connect your wallet direct by ForkDelta.
And get BuschCoins *BUC easy on-click

To add BuschCoins *BUC into a walltet.
You drop the Coin-Contract-Adress in it. (Add new Token)


Copy now this BUC Contract ID:


Pste in

System ANSWER:


We are fair, and drop our sales offers on LONG. 
So you can buy BUC if the ETH is a bit more Up or Less.


If you NOT own a matching wallet or if you have no wallet.
Then MetaMask plugin for Firefox is a nice option for you to start.
It connect by browsing the web direct to matching websites as discord for gamer or exchanges for trader..

After install from https://metamask.io and your account creating click,
you only must follow the text lines from the beginning for" HAVE a WALLET" and its done.

ALSO it is the same process by coinomi.com wallets, and i guess every week some more.
If YOU find some nice working wallets or exchanges or listings or ratings,
please add us, or send us the link in the telegram group.
Thanks a lot!

"Don`t Panic 42 !"

ForDelta is a dezentral exchange both mm and fd are blockchain world stuff and not fast.


// And by the way, this is same "stuff" as normal banking, but without feeding the big banks owner. ;)

For Colletibles you can use MetaMask_APP on your mobile..
Or here also 2 nice wallets from Lumi .. 
ERC20   https://lumiwallet.com/



The cryptocurrency exchanges are the prominent players in order to stabilize the cryptocurrency market which is well known for its volatility. Basically, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges. The most dominant one, where 99% of all the cryptocurrency transactions is vested with the Centralized crypto exchanges. On the contrary, only 1% of the total transaction is managed by the decentralized exchanges. However, centralized custodial cryptocurrency exchanges are highly vulnerable to attacks and this is self-evident from the Mt. Gox and Coincheck incidents. However, decentralized exchanges are on the rise as they absolutely comply with the actual version of Satoshi Nakamoto. Long story short, decentralized exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading. Let us see how exchanges are important for your coins & collectibles and how to trade on exchange.











... Here is a project for ERC721 Collectibles. Normal token coins are all the same.

You own 10 coins and it is not interesting which of the existing coins you have.
10 is 10. Same as by some $/€ coins..(ERC20).
By the ERC721 is every one as by snow-Kristalls, every is unique.
This is nice for a lot of projects and ideas. It brings the perfect base for all collectibles and cards, badges, medals...
It also can be combined with the reality objects... it is real cool..(Wide__smile)
Also nice is the function that this can do reproducing and generate also unique "kids"..
This ERC720 basic will be one of the card_types in the AMOC game.
This card type is the only card type that cost BUC, but also produce later cards for BUC..
Here in the AMOC-Test-Item-Store are from time to time items to collect.
We are very happy that on opensea.io the big ERC721 portal now BuschCoins BUC also will work as payment method.