2020 Project Start

2020 Project StartUp !

  01.01.2020   admin



Happy New YEAR 2020!

Welcome by AMOC All Marihuana Online Cards Startup.

BuschCoin (BUC) is part of the AMOC ecosystem.
AMOC is a multiplayer online cannabis trading card game with a big seed market in behind.
Did you remember on old times - at the school - all played "stitch" "SuperTrumpf".
As card game "my car or my plane or my boat is faster as yours".. "Trumpf"..
But it was not fair that the game owner knows all cards and can play better.
We have tuned the game concept to a real big game with different playing options, and over 14.000 cards to play.
So by 14k cards nobody can know about the complete card stack..
We have also different game play variants mixed it with some poker-game-rules & variants to grow it massive up. Later real massive later if we have our gambling license too, user can bet & win on own cards, or from outside as guest.
By the way we make sure not a game for cash, and not full of shitty advertisements. User can pay for a lot of specials, decor sets and sounds, but never anything "to play better for cash"!

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