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Cannabis, one of the oldest medicinal herbs on the planet, is becoming increasingly popular.
Global cultivation is booming, the uses from medical fields to the most modern 3D printer filaments are creative and imaginative.
New companies, new jobs, new process paths and modern new technologies also bring their dangers with them.
Tens of thousands of kids extract with unclean gases, poison themselves and their friends insidiously but permanently.
Others use computer systems with user data on semi-public club computers that contain more Trojans than keys on the keyboard.
Machines conquer the ignorant market and, with their poor workmanship, bring harm to their users.
New drivers are lurking around every corner, fairy tales of the most incredible types are spread on the Internet.
It's time to start a global CCC Cannabis Computer Club.
Technology-savvy and cannabis enthusiasts meet in suitable club rooms.
Of course, this is a slightly different form than the usual cannabis consumer clubs and the usual normal Computer Clubs & Maker Spaces.
There are some additional rules that are actually part of the concept, so they are welcome good rules.
It therefore becomes the opposite of a cannabis tourist stoner club.
Creativity, expertise, manpower instead of beer cans and party joints.
The location of the club rooms will also result from this.
As soon as the legal side has been clarified, all licenses and certificates have their stamps,
of course we also start with extensive research on living plants and their further processing.
Developing new process paths, building new machines, screwing up marketing and sales structures and,
of course, knitting good, handy, safe software and apps for all of this.
The club is designed to create new projects, to bring new companies out of them, to assist them with the introduction as a startup angel,
to generate new interesting jobs and, above all, to make it fun for everyone who is interested to create something together achieve, enable in teams.
Therefore, the private club is generally also business & business oriented.
As i come to Spain the situation was fine. Direct after here was some political discussions with the king. Of Course this is politics stuff that for me as non Catalan have no rights to talk about. It is not my history, not my department.
But some weeks before this political action was on the government table a construct for a new kind of cannabis social clubs. It was for me as very long time cannabis pioneer the first construct that sounds perfect. It sounds for me as a construct that can be work in total Europe.   
The idea in deep details was real fine, a "Business-Cannabis-Club" construct, that is limeted in sales amount but not in members. A club that can pay taxes, a club that can do public work, a club for legality after over 30 years of tolerance.
Of course this will not replace the i say "Cannabis Coffee Shops" and fake clubs. They never will die. And to have clubs for just hanging out with some tourist is far far away from a old cannabis social club idea. 
The combination of making together, and this also business orientated is in my eyes much cooler as only smoking as main task.

We will try build the Cannabis Computer Club template for Europe.
Sure with big main-hall to sit and smoke and communicate, hacker & maker areas labs for indoor and outdoor. 
A place to create new projects together, and have a smoke in once.

Cannabis can be found in all areas of everyday life, from ice cream to the internet project, every industry is now in one way or another in contact with it.
A small cannabis freelancer agency, which includes not only computers, technology & online activities, but includes all areas of the cannabis business world, and to find cannabis employment abroad, will be one of the first projects of the Cannabis Computer Club.
As usual, the familiar Internet will make a contribution to good networking with other computer clubs and makerspaces.



By the way, here is a nice roport from a new kind of movie_production, that talks from multiple view-points and different minds..
This is worldwide first movie with own platform to use the raw movie material, to produce an own movie from own view-point!
It also shows a bit about "Making Hacking Community Lifeforms normal people..".
Relax, roll one and Enjoy it ..